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    With the continuous development of technology and the continuous improvement of experimental water standards, the overall water supply system has become the choice of more and more new laboratories. The laboratory ultrapure water system will protect your experimental water.

    1. The intelligent large flow pure water system is the choice of more and more experiments. The large flow pure water system can provide stable and consistent water quality for the laboratory. It avoids the difference in experimental results brought by barreled water and excessive manpower requirements. The laboratory ultrapure water system is produced from regulations and meets the requirements higher than GB / T 6682-2008 secondary water, 2015 edition of pharmacopoeia pharmaceutical water, and CLSI C3-C4 standards. Intelligent operation brings great convenience to the management of the laboratory. Comprehensive certification support meets the requirements of different standard laboratories.

    2. Intelligent ultrapure water system solution. Ultrapure water is an important part of experimental water. More and more experimental analysis requires the use of ultrapure water. The water quality of ultrapure water will affect the analysis results of the final experiment. Therefore, stable and reliable water quality has always been sought by experimenters. Since its release last year, intelligent operation and better water quality have been loved by more and more customers, and it is used as a shou choice for ultra-pure water for experiments.

    3. A comprehensive after-sales service solution, the equipment is inseparable from the guarantee of comprehensive after-sales service. Pretreatment and timely replacement, regular inspection and maintenance of RO membrane performance, regular cleaning and replacement of water tank pipelines, and regular verification of resistivity meter are reliable guarantees for stable water quality. Only timely and comprehensive maintenance can guarantee the system's durable and stable operation .