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    Central pure water system shows new technology development trend

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    The central pure water system is a series of high-quality models specially designed and developed for medium water users. It is suitable for centralized water intake stations, small-scale pipeline network central water supply, unique two-stage RO technology, compared with general two-stage reverse osmosis The unique feature is that there is no medicine, no degassing, no secondary pumps and intermediate water tanks (reducing the risk of secondary pollution), and the highly compact structure can still ensure that the produced water meets the requirements of the analytical laboratory three Grade water standard and ≥30% system recovery rate.

    The central pure water system system has an excellent energy consumption ratio. The central pure water system system integrates an industrial-grade pretreatment combination that can automatically perform maintenance, long life, and extremely low operating costs. It has universal adaptability to different water sources and guarantees The long-term efficient operation of the membrane element in the rear stage. The patented structure of the central pure water system is patented. The system adopts a modular design. The RO purification host + storage system + water supply system + DI ultra-purification four functional modules can be freely combined, which is conducive to placement and easy to upgrade; The materials and the style of each module are consistent. The design of the bottom brake caster further improves the flexibility of the equipment.

    Reliable safety performance of the central pure water system, strict implementation of the principle of water and electricity separation design, with unqualified water quality discharge / alarm, high / low pressure protection, high / low liquid level protection, electrical overload protection, ultraviolet failure alarm, and comprehensive water leakage protection, etc. Security protection function. The high-performance control system of the central pure water system uses Siemens programmable controller (PLC) to realize automatic control, and uses a 7 "color Chinese touch screen to perform multi-level interface human-machine interaction. The system fully uses digital sensors to monitor various operating indicators in real time. The data is recorded using a large-capacity SD card and supports USB interface printing.

    Central pure water system includes central water purification system, central soft water system and central pure water system. The central pure water system effectively removes chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, algae and solid suspended solids in the water, and then uses activated carbon to further remove various organic substances, so that the effluent is clear, clean and halogen-free, and can be directly consumed; the system has automatic maintenance functions .

    It is to replace calcium and magnesium ions in the water by natural resin to reduce the hardness of the water; effectively reduce the wear on clothing and skin, and avoid the scaling problems of pipes, sanitary ware, and bathroom equipment. The central pure water system adopts the reverse osmosis method, and the five filtering procedures are precisely calculated to make the effluent into pure water without any impurities and minerals.