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    Supply room disinfection and cleaning pure water

    The application of imported PLC programmable control system, wide LCD color screen touch, high degree of automation, one-click start.
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    According to the requirements of "Management Guide for Disinfection Supply Center", "Acceptance Standards for Hospital Disinfection Supply Room", and in accordance with the industry standard requirements of "Hospital Disinfection Supply Center", combined with Vaughan's more than 10 years of experience and innovative ideas in medical pure water systems, we provide you with disinfection The requirements of the water supply classification in the supply center present our most professional overall water supply solutions and pure water production systems.

    Parameter performance
    1、Imported PLC programmable control system, wide LCD color screen touch, high degree of automation, one-click start;
    2、A variety of safety self-locking devices such as power-on self-check, water shortage protection alarm, high and low pressure automatic shutdown protection and processing, pressure protection, etc;
    3、The system continuously produces water, the pretreatment device automatically produces water and regular backwash, RO membrane anti-scale, pure water tank automatic liquid level control, stable operation;
    4、The complete set of pipelines of the system adopts sanitary grade pipelines, which can effectively resist the growth of bacterial endotoxins, prepare water-saving functions, and effectively improve the utilization rate of water sources;
    5、Multi-function monitoring device can realize the system operating parameters, online display, with guarantee alarm function;
    6、Make sure to connect with any product in your supply center;
    7、Modular, integrated and standardized system design, easy installation, easy operation and compact structure;
    8、Online digital liquid crystal detection of water quality, running status, parameters, working pressure, flow rate;
    9、Strict debugging and verification before leaving the factory to ensure the normal operation of water quality and system;
    10、Can be designed according to the scene of the department, saving you valuable space;
    11、Deep filtration, endotoxin and bacteria removal rate ≥90%