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    Pharmaceutical purified water equipment

    Vaughan\'s centralized water supply system designed for multiple water points in the inspection center uses dual-stage reverse osmosis + EDI continuous electrical desalination technology to break the instability of water quality and high-end consumption costs caused by traditional processes.
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    Vaughan's centralized water supply system designed for multiple water points in the inspection center uses dual-stage reverse osmosis + EDI continuous electrical desalination technology to break the unstable water quality and high consumption cost brought by traditional processes, saving you 2 / 3 Later use cost, scientific advanced technology allows you to have satisfactory products with high water quality and low cost, used in microbiology room, inspection room, clean room, liquid distribution room, virus room, biochemical room, genetic laboratory, physical and chemical room, and It meets the national laboratory water standard GB6682-20-08 first-class standard, YY / T 1244-2014 in vitro diagnostic reagent pure water and the US FDA's USP34-NF29 and other standards; water resistance ≥10MΩ · cm (25 ℃).

    Application range
    Large-scale biochemical immune automatic detection pipeline ultra-pure water, a variety of fully automatic biochemical, immune and other products centralized water supply inspection department, pathology department, preparation room, laboratory and other multi-department unified supply of pure water.

    High performance features

    Imported PLC programmable control system, wide LCD color screen touch, high degree of automation, man-machine dialogue, one-click start;

    System continuous water production

    The pretreatment device automatically produces water and regularly backwashes, and has the function of RO membrane scaling program, pure water tank automatic liquid level control, stable operation;

    Multiple automatic emergency operation methods

    Achieve simultaneous work at level one and two, or separate work at level one and two

    Online real-time data display

    Online real-time display of running status, parameters, pure water tank high, medium and low liquid level, working pressure, flow rate, etc. The equipment complies with GLP (Laboratory Good Standard) design;

    Intelligently solve operational problems

    Start-up self-check, water shortage protection alarm, high and low voltage automatic shutdown protection and processing, voltage safety and overload protection, power failure automatic reset, the system realizes linkage, local problems, the system automatically shuts down;

    Recyclable modules are more economical

    Core EDI technology, EDI module automatic regeneration, no hazardous waste liquid discharge after acid and alkali regeneration, no high consumable cost caused by frequent replacement of traditional resin, water quality is safer and more efficient

    High-quality pipeline free upgrade

    The complete set of pipelines of the system adopts medical grade stainless steel pipelines, automatic welding, no dead space, smooth inner wall, resist bacterial endotoxin breeding; the system can be upgraded to multi-point quality and constant pressure water supply

    Emergency water function guarantee

    The equipment has an emergency water function, which can temporarily solve customer water requirements in an emergency;

    Best quality and strong stability

    The main unit adopts an integrated design, the core membrane elements imported from the United States and the two-stage reverse osmosis process to ensure stability and high water quality standards;

    One-piece molding saves space
    Integrated system integration, exquisite appearance and space saving, saving you valuable space