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    How to choose the laboratory ultrapure water machine?

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    Today, there are many brands of ultrapure water machines on the market, not only foreign brands, but also many domestic brands. Among many brands, which brand is more suitable for laboratory use? Which model should we choose? What should I pay attention to during the purchase process? What characteristics should a good ultrapure water machine have? Let me introduce how to choose a suitable ultrapure water machine:

    1. Water use type
    Experimental content is divided into inorganic experiments and organic experiments. Inorganic experiments only require water quality with a resistance greater than 18 trillion euros, while organic experiments usually remove organic matter from the water. Therefore, in addition to the resistance of more than 18 trillion euros, total organic carbon is also required. index. If it is a biological experiment, remove bacteria from the water.

    Second, water capacity
    Currently, the water production capacity of ultra-pure water machines on the market is generally 5-20L / h, and more than 20L are non-standard models. The user should choose the specifications of the ultra-pure water machine according to the actual water consumption, generally following the principle of double relationship. If the water consumption is 20L / day, the machine with 10L / H specification should be selected. If the specifications are too small, the consumables of the ultra-pure water machine will be consumed quickly. If the specifications are too large, it will be a waste. If the concentrated water consumption is large, you need to choose a larger pure water bucket, otherwise the water output cannot keep up.

    3. Raw water quality
    When purchasing an ultrapure water dispenser, the customer must provide the manufacturer with the water quality status of the raw water, such as sediment, high hardness, groundwater, etc. The process of the ultra-pure water dispenser is based on the original water quality, and there are many sediments. Adding pretreatment device, high hardness, adding softening device, high salt content, using secondary reverse osmosis process. If you choose to use pure water as the water source, you only need to provide water demand and water consumption.

    The above is the purchase method introduced by Vaughan for everyone. It is for reference only. I hope everyone can buy good products.