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    Ultra-pure water machine guarantees the excellent performance of the product

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    The ultrapure water machine not only meets the application requirements of spectral analysis, chromatographic analysis, cell culture, protein purification, molecular biological pool, etc., but also is widely used in the fields of chemistry, biology, pharmacy, medicine, microelectronics, semiconductor, etc.

    Ultra-pure water machine meets the requirements of reverse osmosis membrane operation in order to achieve the raw water inlet water quality, improve the efficiency of producing pure water (water quality and water quantity), according to the raw water water quality conditions in the pure water system usually need to be equipped with pretreatment filters. The common filter equipment of ultrapure water machine are: multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, softening filter and ultrafiltration equipment, etc., through the media filtration, can remove and control the particulate matter, colloid, suspended matter, Indicators such as residual chlorine, microorganisms, heavy metal ions, calcium and magnesium ions, make the effluent meet the requirements of reverse osmosis membrane influent water quality, and improve the stability of system operation.

    The ultra-pure water machine full intelligent control system supports multi-user use, independent pricing, factory and customer secondary passwords, system settings are protected by passwords to prevent unauthorized changes, the entire system operates abnormally, source water, pre-purified water, Ultra-pure water quality and quantity, online self-diagnosis, warning or system automatic stop operation, important system components, solenoid valves, booster pumps, UV lights, sensors and other intelligent fault judgment, online replacement instructions. All the monitoring data of the ultra-pure water machine system is collected in real time and viewed online without external computer storage. The data storage capacity can reach more than one year. It is equipped with an interface and supports the data export function of historical alarm records and historical water intake records.

    The ultra-pure water machine integrates international advanced RO membrane technology with a filtration accuracy of one ten thousandth of a micrometer. It can comprehensively filter out metal ions and harmful substances in the water. Compared with traditional battery technology, it reduces operating costs by more than 70%. The low-noise diaphragm high-pressure pump used by the ultra-pure water machine has low power, low energy consumption, long service life, and reliable operation quality. The five-light indicator system displays the system working status at any time, automatic control of the water production process, and low pressure protection. The ultra-pure water machine adopts the design of easy replacement of the pretreatment filter element, which effectively guarantees the pretreatment effect, prolongs the life of the main filter element, saves costs, luxurious cabinet appearance, super large flow rate, directly connected to the tap water, convenient and fast, low operating costs and labor costs, and reducing the environment Pollution.

    According to experience, the ultrapure water machine has a service life of activated carbon filter element that needs to be replaced in about a year. Like a precision filter element, if the raw water changes greatly, the service life is prolonged or shortened. The service life of the reverse osmosis membrane is The life span is 2-3 years, which is mainly determined by the amount of water used. It should be noted that if it is not used for a long time, the reverse osmosis membrane needs to be taken out and soaked in the disinfectant to avoid the growth of bacteria. The current water source of the ultrapure water machine, if your current water is qualified, and the organic experiment usually needs to remove the organic matter in the water, so in addition to the resistance greater than 18MΩ.cm, the index of total organic carbon is also required. If it is a biological experiment, remove bacteria in the water.